Detlev Auvermann Rare Books


For the creation of this little window to the world I much thank my Italian Rock’n’Roll friend, Giovanni F. Cartei (Karto)

                                   I have worked in the field of rare

                                   books since 1985. 

                                   My stock is of an eclectic kind.

                                   I handle books and manuscripts   

                                   within the fields of history of

                                   science, medicine, early travel,

                                   art and architecture, esoterica,

                                   foreign literature, economics,                     

                                   early printing in general, as well as 

                                   some others areas, including Arabic

                                   and Islamic material.

                                   I like books of provenance.

                                   Abbreviated descriptions of a few items

                                   are found on my site. 

                                   Full descriptions are available upon


                                   Not all items are necessarily available.

                                   Whilst my website will undergo sporadic

                                   updates its primary purpose is that of

                                   an introduction to what I do and to what 

                                   I handle or might handle.                              


                                   Customers are welcome to correspond

                                   with me in English, German, French,

                                   Spanish and Italian.